3 Days to go...the nerves are setting in.

Apr 28 , 2020

Liam Giles

3 Days to go...the nerves are setting in.

Hey Guys, Gals & Woofers! 


So we're three days away from going live on our crowdfunding campaign and it's safe to say... the nerves are setting in! 

This is HUGE for us, and we don't want to let anybody down.

Over the last few days in between our blog posts we've been designing, creating, improving and innovating new ideas and concepts for the pledges! (You wouldn't believe how many times we've changed them as we want you to love them!) 


We've settled on the one's that are now pending to go live... it's nerve wrecking but we know you, our customers are going to LOVE them.


We have everything from exclusives to one off purchases to gift vouchers and some exciting new projects!

We're launching new products DIRECTLY TO THE CROWDFUNDING CAMPAIGN! You won't be able to purchase some of the perks anywhere else except on there! 

We've got plenty off perks for humans too as well as the much beloved doggos! 

We can't wait for you to join us on Friday at 12:00pm. We'll be streaming our very first Frenchie Frenchie live video across Instagram & Facebook. You don't want to miss it! 


Here's a message from the CEO of the Mansfield BID on behalf of Frenchie Frenchie