Apr 24 , 2020

Liam Giles

Frenchie Frenchie Crowdfunding - 7 Days to go!

Hey everyone! 

We're really excited to launch our crowdfunding campaign on the 1st May! 

For those who have been to see us at Frenchie Frenchie you'll know and understand the atmosphere in store, we just wanted to share a little of why we do what we do.

We came up with the idea for Frenchie Frenchie nearly 2 years ago and it's taken us this long to bring it to life. We wanted a place where dogs can bring us humans to enjoy a day out (a bit like when we go to the pub and take them with us) 

We wanted the sole focus to be on them! So that's what we did, created a place for them to bring us for a change. The emphasis is on their treats, their drinks, their playtime and everything in between. We didn't leave out humans altogether of course, you'll be able to enjoy a beautifully roasted coffee along with some fresh cake or sweet treat of your choice! 

Our brand grew literally overnight into a place where not only locals came to visit but we found customers were driving up-to 3 hours on occasion to come and see us & we loved this! It made us really humble that we'd created something people love! 

Before COVID-19 everything was going extremely well, we'd purchased a horsebox to travel to all the doggy events throughout the year and kitted it all out ready. This is what was going to fund our second/third/forth stores! Now the full force of the pandemic has hit, it leaves us a little worried about our future. However, we're not about the life of worry! We focus on what we can do, hence why we've launched a crowdfunding campaign. 

We know that our customers LOVE what we do, and we've been asked so many times to open a second store and bring it to another location. This is US and we want everybody to able to enjoy Frenchie Frenchie closer to home! 

Keep an eye out for updates in the days to come as we launch on Friday 1st May. Time TBC and we'll be discussing and revealing a few of our amazing pledges we've put into place! 

All our love,

Liam & Arran.