Apr 30 , 2020

Liam Giles

The day before...nails have disappeared

Hey everyone! 


So, this is the day before we launch our crowdfunder and as we said the other day we're nervous... today we're beyond that! We feel a mixed range of emotions from excited to happy to nervous and anxious. We really want this campaign to do well and with your support, our customers and the public we're absolutely sure it will. 


We LOVE doing what we do, and you awesome lot love coming to see what we do. Since we opened we've had customers from different counties all over the country! This is why we want to open a second/third/forth or even fifth store!


We're going live for you tomorrow (well one of us is, the other is camera shy) and we can't wait to share with you what we have! Please bear with us though, as we're at home! The pooches may be running riot. 


We would love it if everybody who saw the campaign could either pledge or even just share it amongst their friends with a little note asking for help. We have some AMAZING rewards and a GRAND PRIZE GIVEAWAY happening for all that have pledged! 

We can't wait to kick off tomorrow and just know that we LOVE YOU ALL!